Reflections of a love found….myself!

It took a long time to finally realize that people are merely a shadow of their real selves oftentimes pretending well to be what they are not. A few years ago I entered the doors of a church looking for some spiritual awakening but instead walked into a living nightmare. The  funny thing is not all nightmares contain a monster or boogie man. I got more than I bargained for I encountered a cult with the head who was a dictator and truth be told we were all like sheep being lead to the slaughter house. I was looking for direction, edufication and salvation which is FREE!!!

It’s been 7yrs since I’ve left and yet to  walk into a church, and though I am a spiritual person that believes in the UNIVERSE I firmly believe that it has conspired to bring me to this junction in my life…So let me introduce myself I am leeleewhite the Cinderella blogger and as you know how that story ends.  I will candidly allow you to take a journey with me through my writing as I share facets and life experiences of myself with you!



30 thoughts on “Reflections of a love found….myself!

  1. My eyes at this exact moment is filled with tears…I walked into a church one day with so much luv in my heart and I was spiritually raped…thinking I found home but I found a dictator with her own agenda…it was a Spiritual Baptist Church…I now go to a church not because I want to belong as I know I am part of the Creator…but it’s a place that have no judgments…reading was so familiar….thanks for inviting me to your world

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  2. I can totally relate because I to had a similar experience. It was a dark place in my life and I look forward to your next blog


  3. This is absolutely beautiful. I remembered that journey into that church all too well because I took it with you. I remembered the first time you invited me and for some reason my spirit did not allowed me to return. I so look foward to taking this journey with you. From the very first day I met you, I knew that you were going to be a woman of great substance. I am so proud of you.

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  4. Great read . Insightful knowledge is the love and nurturing give at Home, from our Grandparents and parents..

    God bless leelee keep spreading the love..

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  5. I feel sad when I hear people say, “I walked into a church it was like a cult, and I never walked into another.” It’s like saying, I went into a hair salon their service was cruel and I’ve never been to another.
    Churches are diverse and soooooo many everywhere. You don’t need licence to have a church (at least where i’m from), but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an original design God has for the Church, and sooo many churches follow that design.
    Dear leeleewhite the Cinderella blogger, DON’T GIVE UP. Seven years is a long time but its not too long to retrace your steps to that longing that made you approach a church, and its definitely not impossible to find a Church of people you can understand.


    1. You’re right Zoe I actually don’t judge any churches but to say I’m not well guarded or will be lying to myself. Beyond a shadow of a doubt I know there is a God one who allowed me to believe again. Had I not had those experiences I wouldn’t be who I am today. I WON’T give up!…thank you fit your words of understanding and encouragement I appreciate it.


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