I dream of a life where I’m seated at my kitchen table coffee in hands and curled up in my robe in front of my laptop…my soul is unsatisfied at where I’m at.

I’m writing this so the universe would see that I’m ready and willing to do what it takes to attain the life I’ve always envisioned. 

I dream of jetsetting to the Maldives,seeing the pyramids of Egypt and bathing in the Nile river

I want to be baptized in the waters of Santorini Greece

I want to see the seven wonders of the world and write my best piece yet

I dream of walking away with the pulitizer prize

I dream of days of lunches with women of a same mindset and caliber as myself

I want to wake up to a sunrise cascading through bamboo blinds kissing my caramel brown melinated skin

I want to soak in fresh milk and the finest muneca honey 
To listen to the songs of Pavarotti and sounds of chirping birds

To walk in the lavender  fields of France and smell the crispness of the air there .

I want to see the snow peaks of Switzerland and the purity it exudes

I want to feel the radiance of the warm Caribbean sun on my face as I jump to the sounds of calypso and soca wearing the most enticing costume with sweat running down the crevice of my back pounding the pavement with busy feet and gyrating waist.

Phtographer: Shawn Arlington 

Photo of me September 2015

I want to walk on the Sahara desert and watch my footprint disappear as the sand shifts in another direction.

I want to dance to the congas drums with no inhibitions and drink from the wells of knowledge 
Life is vast,  but for now I’m on my way to the gym where the traction of the treadmill reminds me I’m going somewhere for this isn’t my final destination.