His Diamond in the rough


Oh my I just missed the train and he’s not going to be happy, I thought to myself at the same time a smile escaped my lips because I know I’m loved. A raindrop splattered across my face and interrupted my thoughts as I realized in my hurry I forgot to grab my Leopard print umbrella as I ran out the door.
Nevertheless that night was going to be a good night.
I ran on to the opposite platform and got on the train and closed my eyes.
I arrived at the Russian Tea room and was equally impress with the ambiance and the cosy intimate vibe it exuded.
“Hi beautiful”he said as he rose up planting a kiss on my lips “don’t you smell divine” he exclaimed…”you don’t look so bad yourself” I retorted. All the while my mind was thinking that some good dark chocolate would be a well deserving desert after dinner.
We talked for awhile about life,us and about breaking the wonderful news to both of our families.
You see a year ago we had tied the knot at a secluded destination and decided to do a small renewal in front of a selective few. We had met each other 10 yrs before we started dating and after reconnecting 10yrs later, the timing was right and on a whim we got married.

This man I’m fortunate to have in my life simply adores me. I never really knew my heart had space again to accommodate another person on such a level. Dinner ended and as we walked out the front door of the restaurant he blurted out I loved you from day one and I knew then one day I’ll get that opportunity. This man makes me happy. A grateful heart is always rewarded  and in that moment I realized how blessed I was to have found the piece that completes me.

The Valley

I knew all to well the putrid scent of death

The death of broken dreams and diminishing hopes

I know the pangs of hunger,of an empty stomach and the hunger to see my life align as I envisioned it to always be.

I know the pounding of a relentless headache of stress dragging me to the edge of depression

I had no strength then and have very little now

I live in the valley most days and labor to pull myself from it’s grasp

Most days I feel like I’ve failed and someone  comes along and puts a temporary smile on my face

I know that they will eventually leave…for they always do

I know what it is to toil all night and come home empty handed.

Most times I sing…”they think I sing because I’m happy”

I draw on a melody because even I know if I stop I shall surely die.

This puzzle of my life is missing so many valuable pieces

I’ve given them away to undeserving souls who like vultures stood by waiting…WAITING and WANTING!!!

I rather stay in the Valley a familiar place to me

At least I know now what I hadn’t then; that nothing good  lives in the darkness.