Invisible me

Invisible me

I begged you to listen to what I had to say and  I was like a mosquito that won’t be silent humming in your ear; and yet your answer was always the same  “NO”

I’m bursting out of this here box and when I get out I’m going to get what’s mine. If only a day didn’t seem like a thousand years life would be effortless and whimsical…sigh!

Helloooooooo…do you hear me? ONE day I’m bursting out this box and I will receive favor; I will learn once again to stand, to walk, to stride, to run so fast that not even time can catch me. My life will bloom, my life’s destiny will be fulfilled…”oh by the way did I tell ya I’m destined for greatness?”

GOD DAMMIT!!! I got to get out of this box this tomb, this hole, this cell that I’ve served 19yrs in for a crime I hadn’t commit and if indeed I did wrong God let your judgement be swift and your mercies sure. My heart can’t take much more, my mind has derailed numerous times and well my spirit I’ll leave that up to you God, for I am broken…all I know my patience has been tested and I NEED TO GET OUT THIS BOX!

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