Clinking of glasses as faces of deceit smile with curves on their lips but, there’s no connection to their eyes
Praises of what I mean to them with the mouth, all the while the heart is disconnected

Willing to serve me a meal of contention
Of one whose  main ingredient is resentment
They have polished the cutlery with distaste and envy
And lay the finest china upon the table of discord

Another stands, to express to me how much they love, luv, sorta kinda like me
I’m seated at a position where I can see through the smoke screen and the entertainment of HYPOCRISY


I observe beyond the realm of the natural and your table is to dishonor and shame
Your salacious meals are meant to leave me starved and your pretty words are merely a colorful prisms to entice me to believe that I am asleep
I’ve been awake… you can now serve me the DELICIOUS  bullshit you have delightfully prepared for me.
For I am hungry and WILL consume all you and your array of invited guests have intended for me with your pretentious selves.

12 thoughts on “THE TASTING

  1. This right here is why I love poetry…clothed in emotions that color blocks all the deceptions….this right here is LIFEEEEEEEE….kudos


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