His Diamond in the rough


Oh my I just missed the train and he’s not going to be happy, I thought to myself at the same time a smile escaped my lips because I know I’m loved. A raindrop splattered across my face and interrupted my thoughts as I realized in my hurry I forgot to grab my Leopard print umbrella as I ran out the door.
Nevertheless that night was going to be a good night.
I ran on to the opposite platform and got on the train and closed my eyes.
I arrived at the Russian Tea room and was equally impress with the ambiance and the cosy intimate vibe it exuded.
“Hi beautiful”he said as he rose up planting a kiss on my lips “don’t you smell divine” he exclaimed…”you don’t look so bad yourself” I retorted. All the while my mind was thinking that some good dark chocolate would be a well deserving desert after dinner.
We talked for awhile about life,us and about breaking the wonderful news to both of our families.
You see a year ago we had tied the knot at a secluded destination and decided to do a small renewal in front of a selective few. We had met each other 10 yrs before we started dating and after reconnecting 10yrs later, the timing was right and on a whim we got married.

This man I’m fortunate to have in my life simply adores me. I never really knew my heart had space again to accommodate another person on such a level. Dinner ended and as we walked out the front door of the restaurant he blurted out I loved you from day one and I knew then one day I’ll get that opportunity. This man makes me happy. A grateful heart is always rewarded  and in that moment I realized how blessed I was to have found the piece that completes me.

The “Omni” woman


Is she a pre-madonna that has the last say
Is she a diva, a street walker perhaps a home maker
Is she a designer, is she a mother, is she the negotiator or is she the soldier that stands on the frontline of life rifled up with justice and girded up with truth
Those intricate and chiseled lines embedded in her face do tell a story

Is she a church goer, a manipulator or a betrayer
Is she a friend, a reliable sister or a formidable foe
Is she the wife that’s sanctified into believing that the scales balance belongs to her and her only.
Is she the voice of reason or the spirit that  easily compells
Not quite sure what lays behind those glazed eyes
Is she the backbone or the pillars that carries the weight of the world both hers and yours?


Is she the ashes that produces beauty or sunlight that appears at the break of dawn.
Is she an introvert that is constantly dissecting every miniscule thing
Could she really be that woman whose shoulders are broad and capable of taking on any task
Could she be the woman that wears all those hats ?
I suppose so!
Maybe she is a wife and a mother after all
Maybe she is the warrior willing to die on the front line
Maybe those glazed eyes have witnessed great sorrow and an insurmountable joy


Maybe those shoulders were the head rest of many lovers who are no longer here
Perhaps she’s a part of history in the making that another generation will read about
Maybe she knows that the pillars are hers to carry because she is capable of carrying such a weight
Maybe she walked the streets because she had no home
Maybe my perception of her is inaccurate and the story is hers
And hers alone to tell.