“Like any true architect to create a masterful and durable structure it starts with a design.”


Let me start by stating BE CAREFUL who you allow to design the structure of your life.
It is imperative that you make people a study not one that cosumes your entire day but one where you are sifting them out to see what their ulterior motive is.
A fire should be blazing in one’s belly to know when whatever is coming to them is/isn’t genuine.

You ask how do I develop such sense for this well here goes
1. Start spending quality time with yourself and I don’t mean pampering yourself I mean finding a connection with your higher self
Note:- Everyone is capable of this.

2.If you encounter any obstacle please remember that obstacles are really put in place to obscure ones sight (intuition) of the final outcome. Firstly, recognize that this is in fact a mini setback, sit down write down the way you expect the outcome to be and work towards executing it (short term goals)
Note:- Laziness never gets anyone anywhere.

3. STOP and I mean STOP sharing your intimate life experiences with EVERYBODY, SOMEBODY and NOBODY. At the end of the day people don’t  care about you as much as you do you. Eventually somebody is going to tell everybody and when the air clears nobody can really help your dire situation
Note:- A wise man keeps a still tongue.

To often we turn to religion in the hopes that the religious leader can help lead us into some sordid path of righteousness, or call a friend in the hopes that they will see things through your eyes when in fact they themselves are blind.

The only factual thing that I know that works is seeking the advice of the higher being who created you and imprinted in you an unfathomable depth of wisdom to know what one should ultimately do. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying don’t ask for advice I’m merely saying that the final say so about YOUR LIFE should come from you and not be influenced by what others think or say. Put down the worries, release the cares, control the tongue and RULE your own world.


Unveil yourself


It is important to do a constant introspection of life to see if  you are growing. I know for me growth is vital and oftentimes it’s hard to differentiate between grooming negative things or watering positivity. Whenever  I am unsure I pull back from family and friends just to think and have a dissected conversation with the inner woman. I was once called a recluse and as much as I wanted to deny it; it is the truth. I blaze my own trail and my playground is adventurous.I’ve never needed a ton of friends to make me happy just one good one to share a couple laughs with. However, as life would have it I have a big personality that draws people to me like a magnet (which is beyond my control) and they tell me just about ANYTHING…and I mean ANYTHING. I finally asked an associate one day why they were so comfortable in disclosing such a morbid side of their life with me and the response was ” I just know that it’s ok and you create a sense of safety ”
In that moment I myself was having a conversation with myself “huh safety?” I won’t say I’m a great listener but I’ve walked many walks in this life to not be judgemental and my ability to hold is like a sponge that absorbs water, maybe that’s what many see but sense of safety was a new level for me…
The truth is I don’t polish things up and put a cherry on the top if my advice is asked. I keep it brutally honest and expect the same from others.


You see society has taught us to hide things whether it’s by hiding behind makeup, telling white lies, physical enhancements, pretending to live a life we can barely afford and showboating for likes and shares on social media which in turn has produced a puppet/shadow syndrome. I beg to ask

1. Are you portraying the real you?

2. Can you become unmasked in a relationship and reveal the REAL you?

3.Is it possible to stand alone for something you believe in while others disagree?

4. Are you a leader or simply following the masses?
If you can honestly answer these questions then you my friend are well on your way.

The best thing for one’s soul is too stand, walk and live in one’s truth for that and THAT ALONE will set you apart from others and lead you to your path of happiness whatever that may be.