Paths not yet taken

I got up feeling off kilter and my spirit was restless. I missed my family who made the transition from this life and so this piece was written for them ( MY ANCESTORS)


I beckon you all to come sit with me
I’ve put up lights in the hopes they would guide you to pay me a visit
There is a longing to connect again I thirst for contact
I want to walk the paths you’ve taken
But I hear you all saying “not yet”
How is it there? Do you miss me?
I’m married now, I am almost a generation
I force myself to not forget the lines of you’ll faces
I close my eyes and quiet my spirit just to remember your voices
The precise phrases,tones and decibel levels

Flowers arranged in a vase, a mirror is placed at the corner, a jar of water, incense burns and perfume fills the room
My vibration is high  I am dressed for the occasion… I WILL wait for the connection
The conch shell is waiting to be blown upon you’ll arrival
Meet me in the valley and pay a penny at the cross roads
Let’s meet there,let’s ask Shakapana for the drums to play
Let’s ask Oshun to sweeten this festivity with her finest honey
Let’s ask Shango for lightening to light the skies in you’ll honor
Let’s ask Oya to open the gates to let you’ll through
And let’s ask Olumudurae for his unmerited favor, that in all our asking that he blesses this ostentatious occasion

You’ll are almost here…I can sense it and I shall wait!

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