Ladylike qualities.


They ask me to say what’s on my mind

They: “Oh no wash your mouth out you’re suppose to act lady like”

ME: “Oh really well don’t a lady look like me…I’m dressed nicely my string of pearls is set high on my decolletage, my face is painted and I’m wearing the finest perfume
Do you not see my flamboyant hat?”

They: “No sugar you look just fine just keep the head up and shoulders back when you walk and don’t say to much especially when invited to tea”

ME: “So” ehmmmm *clears throat * “Am I suppose to give you a pass to run roughshod all over me?”
…..”Ok, let me eloquently say it for you like a lady I am optimistically inclined to say shut the FUCK up so that you can pessimistically excuse your lack of enthusiasm for the things that don’t concern you about me.

7 thoughts on “Ladylike qualities.

  1. Am basically a female-booster blogger. I write for all woman stuff. Hope you go through my articles one and give your views on that so that i can promote the feminism a bit more. Thanks for writing such empowering blogs. Thumbs-up to feminism.👍💚

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