I was nominated  by Tracey a blogger who has the ability to slay in her writing and leave you wanting for more I can attest that in all of her blogs you’re left with knowledge and insight. “Thank you” doesn’t seem fit but I want you to know I’m eternally grateful and humbled by this award …Check out Tracey’s blogs at

Seven facts about me:-

1. I am the middle child of three girls and was catapulted into the role of the BIG sister not sure how or when it happened but my opinion matters in just about anything.

2. I eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner for fourteen consecutive days.

3. I never iron anything I’m wearing the way I see it; it will get wrinkled anyway.

4. I’ve watched phantom of the opera about a million times and I’m still awestruck as if I’m seeing it for the first time.

5. The original color of my hair is sugar brown.

6. I am a very private person with a public personality who loves a good party * it’s contradictory I know*

7. My blogging name is actually a pet name I am called by my parents, siblings and close friends who really knows and understands the back story of that name.


1. Nicole Lyons
Nicole writing has the abilities too transcend you to another time where the things that once lies dormant in you surfaces and leaves you introspecting yourself…a phenomenal writer.

2.Simply Etta D.  I was so happy when I discovered this blogger…her blogs are thought provoking as she leaves quotes that refreshes the spirit and fills the is my happy place when I visit her page

3. Kay Liz
Kay simply put is a renaissance woman who is well rounded in her writing she is a poet, an inspirational writer and she will take you on a journey that leaves you wanting more. Truly a pioneer for uplifting woman and I appreciate the rawness of her writing.

Please check out their blogs follow, like or comment. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


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